Is trident gum is haram or halal?!

Question: Is trident gum is haram or halal?
I want to know about the Trident layers gum and the trident tropical twist please I need to know:(


It says on here that it is Halal…

WHY the question
"please I need to know" ? ? lame excuse
IT is Your responsibility to know - - to learn - - and you ask fool (me)…

you have the package of gum - - what are the ingredients ?

haram or halall are religious terms not found in common recipe books

It may not be.
Trident are doing themselves no favours by not saying if it is stuff is kosher or not.
Vegetarians also do not like eating animal products in their gum.

Perhaps Trident could tell us.

Muslims generally seem so ignorant regarding what is OK and what is not. I suppose it is just too difficult.…

The gelatin may contain pork.

I imagine if it doesn't contain pork or bits of cow god it must be safe.

I don't no what haram and halal are?

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