Has anyone tried to freeze activia yogurt?!

Question: Has anyone tried to freeze activia yogurt?
I have a bunch of coupons that are about to expire so I would really like to use them considering I can get them for $1.20 a pack but I have never froze this brand before and how does it work with the expiration date or does that matter. Thanks in advance!


It will freeze just like any other yogurt** in that it will get hard. The texture afterward should be the same as any other regular yogurt you've frozen and defrosted.
(Yogurts made with part cream may freeze a little less hard than those made from milk--some of the Fage yogurts, for example).

**Activia is the same as any other yogurt except for the extra strain of bacteria added to it for marketing purposes--which doesn't do anything more than the regular bacterias in yogurts--but is an excellent marketing scheme because the company named "their" bacteria Immuntas or something to make people think it's significantly different. All yogurts (which still contain live cultures) will help the entire digestive tract and make it work better, increase "immunity" because of that, etc.

If you're interested in more on yogurts, how to flavor your own purchased plain yogurt or plain homemade yogurt (to save lots of money and even have a better taste), etc., check out my answers in these previous questions:

If you freeze Activia well before the expiration date, it will keep about 3 months in the freezer. Start the count from when you freeze it, not from when it will expire.

You may need to stir up the yogurt after defrosting, but otherwise, it should be okay. BTW, you can get freeze trays in the shape of ice cream bars. If you put the Activia in one of those and then freeze it, you have home made frozen yogurt bars. :-))

Yes it tastes yummy to

It freezes fine. and still tastes yummy!

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