What is that giant fish that they eat in the middle east?!

Question: What is that giant fish that they eat in the middle east?
The last time I went to Iraq I ate a giant fish with their president and some other guys. This fish was about 5 feet long and 4 feet wide and was spread out on a table with lemons and tomatoes and some other leafy stuff, it was white meat and was burned on the top like a burnt marshmallow.

I was wondering what this was called or what kind of fish it could be.


hi there, Iraqis have been eating carp out of the Tigris river before time, they prefer to butterfly the fish and roast it with salt next to a fire out doors horizontally so that the fat can drip of the flesh leaving the meat without so much fat in it , from the sound of it you did have farmed carp roasted, no other fish gets so fat unless it was a groper , if it was a groper it would have had a very large mouth, if it was a carp it would have had a smaller mouth, if it was a carp it would have had what they call Y bones and lots of them near the top of the dorsal fin, Y bones are unusual and you would not want to swallow one, also the meat would have been eaten with bread and it must have tasted quite fatty, last but not least , you probably feasted on one of Saddam's own farmed fish , when he was in power he used to have carp fed with bread soaked in milk and chopped up hard boiled eggs so they can taste good. if its not those two then it must have been a giant Mangar but they dont grow that fat really , any way look it up on google photos.

Now Buddy here's your answer elephant fish

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