Help with Asian food?!

Question: Help with Asian food?
Does anyone know any kind of Asian food that does NOT taste sweet? Or like puke? What's it called and where's it from?


Where are you gal? Maybe where you live, you go to an Asian restaurant and they give you what they think "round eyes" might like. But ~~~ Chinese, and Taiwanese sausages are sweet, as are the sweet & sour meals. Most of their meals are tasty and not sweet. If you're in USA, try to make friends of owners of Chinese restaurants... Then ask them to feed you the same food they eat - world of difference. if in the Far East, order steamed fish with ginger. OK - enough Chinese... let's go to Filipino food.

Here in Philippines, the favorite seems to be Bulalo. It's beef soup, and if I'm mot mistaken slightly sour (They love to add tamarind into a lot of things). My favorite is "crispy pata" or a fried pig knuckle until it's crispy. Whatever you get, don't add to it any bagoong (rotten tasting fish paste), of fish sauce which is a Thai favorite.

6 years in Taiwan, and now 11 years in the Philippines.

Chicken adobo is from the philippines its actually good .
Pho soup is good too its vietnamese.
A lot of people that i know like lumpia, pancit is okay . These are from the philippines .

Personal experience

Theres alot at panda express lol just have to choose something besides orange chicken.

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