What meat is used in Chili at 7 Eleven?!

Question: What meat is used in Chili at 7 Eleven?

Firstly, how drunk do you typically get when you're out with your friends? Because the only way I could face convenience-store food is if I was completely hammered. Convenience-store chilli would be the sort of thing I'd eat on a drunken dare, but could never contemplate sober.

It's probably 'mechanically-reclaimed' (washed off the bones with a high-pressure water hose), from a number of different animals, bulked out with textured vegetable protein. Pork's relative cheapness compared to beef makes it a popular choice for filling out any prepared meat product. Odds on, if the type of meat is not clearly stated on the packaging, I'd assume it was pork.

If you want to keep kosher or halal (strike out that which does not apply), I would avoid it.

Get yourself a meat grinder and some topside steak and do your own. Some of the things I read about the meat industry's treatment of ground meat products would make your hair curl. I got myself a grinder and it works a treat. At least you know what's going through!

The worst, probably mixed w/ meat-like products not fit for human consumption.

Never eat ground meat from any source; whole meat is bad enough:

NYTimes exposes the new, off-label ammonia sterilization of processed beef & its infection-prone, pet-food-grade filler that became common in Usa’s meat industry. Many recalls: ecoli, salmonella http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/31/us/31m…



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