What is the meat/fish in fried rice?!

Question: What is the meat/fish in fried rice?
I went to a chinese restrant today and have some fried rice. I took a bite of a piece of meat and it was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten and could not get it down. I had my boyfriend try it also and he couldn't even eat it. I was wondering what it could be so I ever eat it again.


I really don't want to put you off Chinese food because i personally think its the best Cuisine on earth but really i do know what is in fried rice, go to any asian supermarket and you will find Chinese tinned luncheon meat very much like tinned spam, the reason that they are using it is because it really is cheaper then any other alternative out there , they also use yesterdays leftover bbq pork, and chicken , you see there's allot of ingredient that you can disguise in fried rice that you could not in a open plate of food, chinese restaurants are just like people you can get a nice bloke that would do nothing wrong and then you get the ones that collect all the left over food that people don't finish and they wash and use it again.

i have been a cook for years and i also know people that work in Chinese take aways etc

Sometimes they use chicken, sometimes pork, or sometimes beef.
Personally i prefer the fried rice with spring onions and peas etc, or egg.

Usually regular fried rice doesn't have meat, but it does have eggs, like scrambled eggs.

It was probably meat you did not like. You can make fried rice with any left over..even all your veggies, Make sure you know how to cook rice and make sure you chill it in the fridge overnight.

Every restaurant is different. Often they tell you that it's chicken fried rice or pork fried rice, etc.

Why didn't you ask?

It's possible it could have been egg.

Now Buddy You sure got a lot of answers most of them pretty silly Now heres the real deal elephant that's what is in the ole chinese food and believe me I know because I work there

My Grannie

Usually chicken or pork

I'm guessing it was - salted dried fish.

it would help if you told us what you ordered..

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