Question about Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman?!

Question: Question about Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman?
What season is the episode where he goes to Maine?

(NO stupid answers please)


Andrew Zimmern goes to main in Season 3, episode 10 (which aired November 18, 2008):

"Flounder roe soup with seaweed, sea cucumber, fiddleheads, beaver chili, bean-hole beans, wild ramps, stinging nettle soup, Indian cucumber, cattail, raw lobster, whelks, cod sperm chowder, monkfish head stew, BBQ junebugs, oysters with ramps, snails with periwinkle and beurre, moose and venisen terrine, duck tartare. Andrew went lobster fishing with Linda Greenlaw and judged a Deathmatch Maine Bizarre Foods contest with his father, a native of Portland."…

Who cares..the man refuses to eat SPAM. Bizarre foods? I don't believe him!

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