What dessert would go well with a spicy chili dinner?!

Question: What dessert would go well with a spicy chili dinner?
I am planning on cooking a spicy turkey chili for dinner and would like to also serve a nice dessert afterwards for my hubby since hes having a tough week at work. I was going to just make brownies but hoped someone could suggest something that went better with the chili.


My suggestion would be flan... delicate and cooling. It would go well with the chili just lik it goes well with many spicy latin american dishes.

Actually Brownies aren't a bad idea. Chili and chocolate compliment each other. I might suggest serving them warm with vanilla ice cream on the side. The myans used to mix chili powder and cocoa to make spicy hot chocolate.

Something chilly (brownies would be way too heavy) such as green tea or mint ice cream. It will be the perfect balance to a spicy dinner.

How about serving some extra sweet cornbread muffins along with the chilli and then considering that a sort of dessert?

Tangerine sorbet

I think brownies is a pretty good thing to serve with chili. Maybe even cinnamon rolls?

Some kind of ice cream after eating something hot. Thats what I would want.

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