What is textured vegetable protein chorizo-sausage flavor?!

Question: What is textured vegetable protein chorizo-sausage flavor?
What is textured vegetable protein chorizo-sausage flavor? It is in this Jambalaya rice meal. It looks to have meat in it but I think it is soy.

Here are the ingredients:
Enriched parboiled long grain rice, seasoning, textured soy flour, textured vegetable protein chorizo-sausage flavor. Contains Soy and Wheat.

Would the meat looking stuff be soy or sausage?


Yes - TVP (textured vegetable protein) is soy protein that has been processed into chunks and flavored to be whatever it is they want it to be - in this case, it is flavored to be like spicy sausage.

TVP when re-hydrated is slightly chewy, similar to hamburger. IT is high in protein.

Its been processed with hydroclauric acid and sulfate which creates MSG when the process is finished. basically they dissolve the vegetables in the acid to create the pulp, spin it with the sulfate and MSG is created. They can get away with not listing MSG on the ingredients since it wasnt directly added to the mix. Apparently the content is not meant to be too high, but any MSG is bad MSG. Im a vegetarian and wont even get near any products that contain TVP.

Since the ingredient list does not list any type of animal then yes the meat substance is soy and its bound together with wheat. Though in my opinion meat is just as bad for anyone like MSG.

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