What does a typical korean meal consist of?!

Question: What does a typical korean meal consist of?
Im curious what koreans eat everyday for breakfast, luch, dinner, snacks ect.


Well, most meals have
- Rice
- Guk (That's soup but it's not the typical western cream soup. A great variety including miyukguk, gomtang, yukgejang, dwenjangguk, (miso soup), kimchijjige, etc.)
- Kimchi, sometimes kkakdugi
- Several side dishes (usually veggies which I don't touch :P so I don't know their names)
- Sometimes tofu

Breakfast: I eat rice, guk, and several side dishes
Lunch: Usually something western like pizza or spaghetti, hamburgers, etc
Dinner: Usually rice, guk, and meat for dinner. samgyeopsal, dwejijumullok, bulgogi, etc.
Snack: Korean chips (i like onion rings, cuttlefish, jjolbyong snack, etc)

Korean myself

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