Is Chinese food really made of rats and cats??!!?? ?!

Question: Is Chinese food really made of rats and cats??!!?? ?
Ok i have heard that rat and cat meat is used in chinese food! This sounds so DISGUSTING!! Is this really true because i don't eat chinese food anymore since i heard about this i just make my own HOMEMADE chinese food that way i know for a fact that it's real chicken and beef and not rats or cats!


It's a stereotype. Stereotypes derive from the truth but that doesn't make it always true. Not all chinese restaurants serve cats when they say it is chicken, but the one by my house DID. They got closed down for it and then we realized that must be why the dozens of stray cats dissappeared shortly after they opened.

True story, personal experience.

No, only real poor people eat these kind of meats, and that's why they get so many diseases.

Normal Chinese people eat fried frogs though, or frogs soups. Snakes as well, but mostly baby snakes, as they think it tastes better.

But they'll tell you if there was frogs or snakes meat. Specially if you're not living in China.

My friend is Chinese

No, this is nothing but a racial slur.

The Chinese don't even eat cats or rats in China, so why would they use them in the US? They'd get shut down by the inspectors in a second if they found out.

So don't worry. If it says "chicken" on the menu, it really IS chicken.

If it was it would be banned just about everywhere in the US.

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And frogs, birds, snakes,tadpoles,liver, eye balls, toung, and lips and ching chong


Your ignorance is showing BIG TIME.

Are you that gullible and/or stupid?
No, it's not.

No! Of course not. Its mostly bunnies and puppies.

no, of couse not.

Why do you think it tastes so good? NO IT IS NOT!

you REALLY have to ask a question like that?

oh i highly doubt that

No but it can be made out of dog and turtle meat, plus chinese food STII.....INNNKS!!

Indian curry lover.

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