What's your favourite Chinese dish ever?!

Question: What's your favourite Chinese dish ever?
Restaurant and take out.


Pot Stickers, or Salt and Pepper Bean Curd.

chicken black bean sauce with extra chilli...hmmmm hmmm hmmmm hmmm served with simple boiled white rice. this is what i always order and i never get tired of it. once we went to this posh Chinese restaurant and on the menu was bang bang chicken...we couldn't stop laughing..we stuck to what we know..chicken black bean sauce hmm hmmm

Szechwan deep fried squid with pepper and rocksalt. That's whether I eat in the restaurant or take it out, though moo shi pork is close behind for restaurant.

Tomato beef.
You cook ginger and anise, then take them out and just leave the flavor it's divine

i like lemon chicken better

my fav has to be the chinese style sizzling tender pepepr beef if you know what i mean

Fried rice with egg rolls,and manchuria...:-) Yummmmmmmyyyyy...:)

Duck with pancakes :)

fried chive & shrimp dumplings and shrimp with lobster sauce with pork fried rice

mongolian beef
Wonton soup and fried rice

House special fried rice.

Poorman noodle

Peking duck with dumpling

Shrimp egg foo young

Moo Gai Pan

chicken beansprout and oyster sauce with egg fred rice

wonton soup

Sweet and sour chicken....and lo mein.


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