What foods taste better when reheated?!

Question: What foods taste better when reheated?
For example: American Chop Suey

I don't understand why it tastes 10 times better after reheating it.


One of my favorite foods is refried rice.
Basically, eat out at a chinese restaurant and order fried rice.
The next day, melt some butter in a wok and add a couple drops of sesame oil. Toss in a couple cloves of minced garlic(I love garlic). Season with onion and chili powder.

Lmfao I was just thinking that!!!!!!
I always think pizza, chicken, and chinese food tastes better when reheated

Bolognese sauce. It always gets richer and tastier the second time around.

Justa lika momma makes.

chicken soup, pizza, lasagna

Velveeta macaroni and cheese.


mac and cheese, meat loaf.,

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