Why would they call it a hamburger if it doesn't have any ham in it?!

Question: Why would they call it a hamburger if it doesn't have any ham in it?
Do you think some one ran out of ham and said, "Here a ham....burger." Poor Jenifer Simpson is going to be confused again.


Why do we cook bacon and bake cookies? Just kidding hamburgers originated in hamburg germany

The hamburger originated in the city of Hamburg, Germany....and that is how it got it's name....it had NOTHING to do with the filling that was slapped between two pieces of bread.

its one of those things.
Like there really is no baby in baby oil
no dog in a hotdog
buffalo wings don't involve a buffalo at all.
a spring roll does not have springs in it.

It did originate in Hamburg Germany, but not because they produced a lot of beef.
They produced metal goods, including some of the first meat grinders.

from hamburg Germany


Because it comes from Hamburg Germany

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