where can i buy an extremely long dinner table?!

Question: Where can i buy an extremely long dinner table?
I want this dinner table to be so long that 21 people can sit at once to eat. My family always takes turns eating because our dinner table can only hold 6 people at a time. Where would i be able to buy shuch a long table?


I recommend going to your local fine furniture store. They are the mostly likely to know where you can get something. It may end up being a custom order.

I think this would have to be custom-made. I've seen 12-seaters but not 21. I suggest you buy 2 table and put them together, with a big cloth to cover the join.

It would have to be custom-made, and probably very expensive. I've been looking for very large dining tables, and the largest commercially available seat only 12.

maybe Dunkin Bright or Raymour & Flanigan...maybe even a store that sells antique furniture if that's your style.

i have furniture lol

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