How can I get my Indian neighbors to cook for me?!

Question: How can I get my Indian neighbors to cook for me?
The pungent aroma of Indian cuisine wafts through the halls, it's delicate substance exciting my fundamental desires. In my apartment I don't know any of my neighbors, and I never see them in the halls or laundry room. How can I get in with the neighbors to the point that they will invite me to dinner with them? I am willing to invest quite a bit of money and effort into this project.


I am Indian, if you would ask them nicely Im sure they will invite you for dinner and not only this they will teach you how to make the food too. ^=^ It would make them really happy that you really like our indian food. <3 Just ask :)

Invite them round for dinner and see if they return the favour?

Tell them you're locked out and ask if you can wait round there until " a friend" comes with a spare key, go around dinner time and hope they feel obliged to offer some?

Randomly throw an indian cuisine party and ask them to bring some food - them call it off last minute when it's too late for them to take it back?

When you know that they're cooking, take a cheap packet of curry around and say you're microwave has blown up and ask if you can use theirs - hope that they'll take pity on you and give you some of their food?

Buy a new oven and ask them to christen it with their great cooking?

Hope this helps :)

if u ever run in to them

or just knock on their door

and ask if it is them who cooks the food with such a delicious aroma and once they say yes ask interesting quetions and imply how interested you are in that kind of food and if they are nice they will offer u some :)

you could ask your neighbors the names of the foods they cook and go to an indian restaurant if you live in a big enough city. you could date/marry an indian girl to cook for you.

Throw a pot-luck dinner and invite the neighborhood.

Just ask them nicely.

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