My Wife is a cannibal, what should I do?!

Question: My Wife is a cannibal, what should I do?

I'd tell her to stop, not because of the moral issue but because she could die from it. Prion diseases, a group of uncommon and deadly brain diseases, can be spread by eating the contaminated flesh of humans or other animals.…


XD sorry, you must have known someone would say this, serously mate

Stay out of long, hot baths. They just tenderize you. Bon appetite, ma cheri!

Je parle Francais.

Runnnnnnnn awayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude she will try to eat you when you r sleeping DUH

My brain

Stupid question. I think this is complete B.S.

Never ever ask what she feels like eating tonight.

Eat her.

invite your boss over for dinner

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