Ate raw chicken!!!help!!!!?!

Question: Ate raw chicken!!!help!!!!?
I was eating this chickin with cheese inside (cordon blue thing from costco) and i cooked it the same as always and i ate half of it and saw there was raw chicken. It wasnt cold but wasnt super hot. Warm. Didnt taste weird just weird texture from the raw chicken. Will i get sick?????


I've eaten all kinds of undercooked and raw meat here in Asia. If you do not notice that you have serious food poisoning this many hours later, don't worry at all. Of course we "can" get sick from undercooked meat, but people in general grossly exaggerate the chance of it happening.

yes very sick
my uncle tom ate some raw chicken as kid and he lost the use of his right eye so he wore this eyepatch for the rest of his life and when i got angry at him id call him long tom silver like a pirate and hed beat me something fierce
dont eat raw chicken or your uncle will become a pirate

You could just get stomach pains a maybe diarrhea.. if your not feeling well i suggest u go to your local doctor or emergency room.

Everyone's bodies are different, some are more sensitive than others. Don't fret too much. Just ring your doctor to see if it is worth seeing him/her if your becoming too anxious. Best wishes.

You might. Raw chicken can contain salmonella. Cooking it kills the bacteria. Try not to freak. If you get sick, go to the doctor. Otherwise, chill and see what happens.

Maybe a stomach ache not very sick but if you do get very sick see you doctor or go to the hospital


No, you won't.

People ate raw meat for millenia before we discovered fire...

yes, you will.

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