What different foods should I have at my barbeque (random question lol )?!

Question: What different foods should I have at my barbeque (random question lol )?
Detailed answer please also I will pick the most detailed answer as the best answer :D



Salad, Texas toast (slices of bread brushed with butter and garlic and toasted either on the grill or broiler), baked beans, fruit salad, chips and dip or fresh salsa. For the grill: BBQ chicken, burgers, hot dogs for the kids. We love doing shrimp skewers.

Raw tiger prawns , marinade them in BBQ spice and melted butter and chopped chilli.

Chicken fillet skewers marinated in saffron youghurt and black pepper.

Lamb and pork cutlets .

Loads of salads, rocket, Cos, Lollo Rosso, goats cheese, grilled asparagus, finely sliced red pepper, grilled fine slices of chorizo, pastrami, fresh thyme, finely chopped garlic, very thin raw cooked potato slivers, fusilli pasta, vodka doused watermelon, shredded boiled Brussels sprouts, walnuts and creme fraice sweet chilli sauce dressing. All in as many different salads as you fancy.

A nice balcony, or a lovely terrace, secluded part of a garden and lots of lovely friends. Wine and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

Chicken, steak, vegetables for grilling (shrimp, crab and lobster too, depending on your budget)

Lettuce salads, pasta salads, cole slaw

Baked beans, corn on the cob, grilled onions and tomatoes

Some kind of bun or biscuit ... or ... laziness aside, a couple of loaves of bread

Be sure to have enough condiments for the food for people who want them like ketchup, mustard, vinegar, additional barbecue sauce, not to mention salt and pepper. Give steak folks the option of adding cheese and make it Stilton

And don't forget the ice and napkins

Grilled chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, corn, soda and oh what r those things on a stick? A kabob? Hopefully, that's helpful, have a good barbecue! :)



Peri Peri Marinated Chicken

Barbeque Chicken



Potato Salad




Ice Cream

ribs and burgers of course maiz which is grilled corn in its husks withmexicanbutter(elote asado) potao salad fried and bbq chk jambalaya baked mac red beans ...the works for a full belly

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