Is the Japonica Sushi Rice affected by the radiation blast from Fukishima?!

Question: Is the Japonica Sushi Rice affected by the radiation blast from Fukishima?
I have a Japanese girlfriend, but she's born in the West and our diet consist of Japanese, European and Western and sometimes we eat in a Moroccan restaurant because it's good.

We are concerned whether we should continue on buying Japonica rice that might came from Japan (I don't know, we don't really check where it came from) I also know how to make sushi and I'm also worried about the dried seaweed wrapper.

Because we are concerned and uncertain, we try to buy sushi products made in Korea


The thing is that the rice you buy today was most likely imported a few years ago. And the rice that has been contaminated will not be on the market before everybody has forgotten that the japanese tsunami ever happened.

hehe yeah. because Korea is so far away from Japan.
isn't the radiation reaching California?
Korea is closer to Japan than California.
just saying.
call up the company but they'll probably deny it.

I would write the company on your favorite Japanese products to find out. Although I am sure anything in the market that is being currently sold is very likely unaffected.

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