Favourite thing to order at a sushi restaurant?!

Question: Favourite thing to order at a sushi restaurant?
mmm, i love beef teriyaki and dragon rolls and shrimp tempura and spicy beef ramen.
whats your favourite item to order?


Inari - my absolute favourite! I always get this
Chicken and avocado nigiri
Smoked salmon roll
Raw salmon and avocado roll

I love sushi! Esp good quality sushi trains.

The only thing worth having at a sushi restaurant: WATER!
Learn how to make your own! You'll know the quality of the ingredients, and the cleanliness of the kitchen and the hands of the cooks!

I like the crunchy roll, shrimp sushi, tempura, california roll, tempura roll, and I think that's it.

spicy tuna roll, dragon rolls, philly rolls, shrimp tempura, veggie tempura, etc......oh and lots of ginger and wasabi.

California rolls and salmon sashimi, or spicy tuna rolls. I love Miso soup too :)

I eat sushi at least once a week, it's my favourite food.

at the supermarket, I eat different types of sushi / I love salmon and inarizushi

salmon sashimi and california rolls..


Ebi....no Wasabi..(steamed split shrimp over a ball of rice...dipped in soy)
Tuna shishimi
Crab rollls..

philly rolls
spicy tuna roll
rock shrimp
Fuji rolls

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