What is sushi in Japanese cuisine?!

Question: What is sushi in Japanese cuisine?

A dish usually reserved for important occasions.

Consisting of any of the following types :

Nigiri (rice at the bottom piece of raw fish / cooked egg on top)
Maki (Rolled up dried seaweed with rice and fish / cucumber / other filling)

There are other variants , but it would make this reply too long. Those 2 are the most popular types.
California rolls is westernised sushi , and not "real"

Usually they are eaten with a dolop of wasabi on top , dip the meaty part in a bit of soy sauce , and put the sushi in your mouth as a whole. In between types , it's customary to sip from your tea , or eat a piece of pickled ginger to clean your palate.

Don't mix your wasabi and soy sauce , it's a western faux-pas and is not done in japan.

Raw Hamburger

raw fish with sticky rice and seaweed

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