What's the weirdest FOOD you have ever eaten?!

Question: What's the weirdest FOOD you have ever eaten?
I have had cow tongue. It was actually pretty good. I have also had blood sausage which is not a regular dish here in southern california. What's the weirdest food you ever ate? And no "dirty" answers please...


Sea cucumber. It is basically a sea slug that is considered a delicacy in China, and is supposedly good for a man's virility, due to its similarity in shape to a certain male appendage. It is slimy, chewy, and was nearly impossible for me to swallow, and I've eaten many strange foods in my life, almost all of which have actually been pretty good.. Sea cucumber is one I just could not stomach.

In lebanon theybserve lamb tounge and brain as appetizers i tried both they taste ao good .. They r fully cooked and they marinade them with lemon and some garlic and olive oil.

I also tried frog lega in a chinese restaurant in amsterdam

I tried snails in a french reastaurant

And all te above taste gooood

The weirdest food I have ever tasted was cow or pig stomach. It tasted pretty good. In Spanish it's called mondongo. It was a little chewy though. I think it tastes best with hot sauce. =)

Balut. It smells awfully bad but it tastes good.

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