What is American food?!

Question: What is American food?
I live in Mexico, I always take my American friends to a local restaurant called "Little America." They serve nothing but frozen food bought in bulk at Costco USA.

The menu is mostly hot-dogs, corn dogs, White Castle-style burgers, french fries, and frozen pizzas right out of the oven.

My friends say that's not American food.

Most Americans buy frozen food in bulk from either Costco or Sam's Club.

If that restaurant is not American food, what is?


That's pretty much American food, it reflects our culture. Fast, efficient (well, at least efficient at making us obese the most obese nation), and a true bastardization of the original culture's food (Germans give us frankfurters? We make Oscar Meyer Wieners. Italians give us pizza? We make a cheap version and freeze it. There is a trend here...). Maybe that is a little harsh, while the majority of Americans do live on a diet of pre-frozen dinners made mostly of fat and fast-food, there are (or at least WERE) some truly American traditional foods. These are regional though, and reflect the European groups who settled those areas:

In the New England area, there are Clam bakes and Clam chowder, pretty much anything made from seafood. Also Pirogies, which are a rip-off of Russian Veronike.

In the south, there is, well, anything fried (chicken, steak), beans and cornbread, and biscuits (a rip of of English scones).

The most American food, though, is anything you can get from McDonalds. Sad, but true.

Well...it is American food, just not GOOD American food.

A lot of American dishes have their roots in the traditions that were brought over to America. However the resulting item can be totally different. Pizza is a good example. The closest you'll get to real Italian pizza is the New York style with its thin crust. Other examples would be the hot dog. Sausages existed long before, but the idea of sticking one in a bun originated and was perfected in the US. Same with hamburgers. Hamburger steak came from Germany but again someone had the idea to slap it in a bun. Doughnuts were originally cakes from the Dutch and then someone in America fried them.

At the same time there are truly unique styles of food that were created in the US. Bar-be-que, for instance. There are several different styles depending on what region you're in and to some people, it's like arguing about politics or religion. The food in Louisiana is the result of a marriage between French and African food - with local ingredients like alligator or file' thrown in for good measure.

Things like corn, pumpkin and turkey were among the foods discovered in America even though they'd been foodstuff for centuries by the Indians and other civilizations throughout South America.

Even the Mexican favorite Tamale has an American cousin along the southern part of the Mississippi river which simmers them in a spicy broth instead of steaming them like they do in Mexico.

America (and Canada too) are "New World" developed countries, so most of the regional cuisine has it's roots in the countries of origins of the people who settled here. It's true that pizza, burgers, pasta etc. are food that were originally European or Asian, however that doesn't mean that they are not "American" foods. Regardless of the food's original origins, these dishes have been uniquely modified over the years to suit the ingredients available to the climate, as well as the tastes of the North American society. For example, "Tex-Mex" food, though based in Mexican cuisine, is a unique hybrid that was originated and perfected in the southern United States. If you talk to anyone from Mexico, they will tell you that it has very little in common with traditional Mexican food, so to say it is "not American" would be false IMO - the origin may not be American, but the creation and development is. The food of the Southern US, also, has a lot of it's origins with African slaves, and New Orleans has a strong French influence, and New England's food has it's roots in Ireland and England.

I guess to answer your question, true American food is a big melting pot of flavors and spices from all over the world.

Linux is wrong. Most Americans do not live on frozen prepackaged foods, a lot do but not most. It's a lot of unhealthy eating and minimal activity
I cook meals from scratch, don't shop at costco and don't buy prepackaged frozen meals.
That place in Mexico sounds strange and I don't think even Mexicans would buy that it represents American food.

ditto. i buy fresh fruit and vegetables, some of it organic. nice bread, olive oil, butter, salads with garlic, no soda. no frozen food. my kids ate a home cooked meal every night when they were growing up.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, French Fries & Onion Rings, baked beans, cole slaw and potato salad, potato chips & dip, apple and cherry pie topped with ice cream or cheese.

basically what you just said it is american food. when people say Chinese food the number one answer is fried rice and ginger beef but thats not all what the Chinese eat just like Americans dont just eat burgars.

cheeseburgers, new york style pizza, doughnuts, candy apples, and what you named

everything is american food!!!

Anything fried. That's American food.

...Your trolling right?

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