*Is it "ok" to eat a pie of pizza once a week*?!

Question: *Is it "ok" to eat a pie of pizza once a week*?
im talking about an entire pie once a week


I would say it's fine if you get a small, thin crust and put veggies like spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onions, diced tomatoes, etc. You can even put Canadian Bacon if you want meat. Make it a light pizza with 2% cheese. Hope you aren't a couch potato or the pizza will be a big round of blubber around your tummy! Go play some basketball or something to get exercise. Oh, make sure you add Light Beer and not a full lager to save calories.

Sure. Just make sure you get lots of exercise to burn those calories!
A "pizza" isn't bad...it depends on the size (small v. large family size) and what you put on it. Topping it with mushrooms, olives, peppers etc is a lot healthier than say bacon, pepperoni and extra cheese!

of course
a little of what you fancy does you good
so long as for the most part you eat healthily, and a balanced diet
i would say its essential to have pizza lol

Why not? Pizza is delicious:


depnds how big it is! but ye suppose so if its a really thing base one

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