Do you like, Pease Pudding, with strips of boiled ham finely cut up in it?...?!

Question: Do you like, Pease Pudding, with strips of boiled ham finely cut up in it?...?
Went to wedding in Yorkshire , and was amazed to find the number of folk who had never heard of Pease Pudding. Is it that rare?, surely they know. Peas Pudding Hot,Pease pudding Cold, Pease pudding in the pot nine days old....


it`s champion pet. stick it in a stottie.

I make soup with similar ingredients, but I use frozen peas. Pease pudding is made from dried, split pease, put into a pudding basin and steamed for about an hour. You then turn it out and cut it into wedges. Left overs can be served cold or fried.
Not sure about the 'nine days old' even if you keep it in the fridge!

Pease pudding and saveloys,yum.Also pease pudding and *******(which,for our American friends does not have the same connotations !) It is a small savoury ball a little like haggis but not so pungent.

The flavour is ok,but the texture is horrible.
Same with brawn,lovely and spicy but horrible texture.

Ham and peas together are a very old dish.
Hock of ham
stew for 2 hours

Yuck. Pease.

No i'll stay with the possum & yam, if you don't mind old boy..!

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