Calorie burner ideas?!

Question: Calorie burner ideas?
I'm 13, 51 pounds. I need to lose weight. For breakfast I have chocolate milk & I skip lunch. At dinner I eat everything on my plate then usually do about 1000 jumping jacks because I feel bad. Does anyone have tips on how to burn ALOT of calories???


I'm assuming that the 51 pounds is a typo. Even so, if you're 13 you should talk to a doctor and a dietitian before trying to lose weight.

You should never skip meals, even if you're trying to lose weight. Eating small frequent meals will help you feel fuller while eating less. Skipping meals leads to binging (eating a lot) later, which it sounds like you're doing at dinner. Also, when you skip meals your body goes into a starvation state and stores excess calories when it gets them (i.e. at dinner).

It sounds like you could have an eating disorder (or be on your way to developing one). You should probably see a psychiatrist about that before it gets any worse.

Unless you are a dwarf you are not overweight at 51 pounds. Who told you that is too much? Do you thing an 80 pound adult is about right?
Eat healthy foods, limit fats and sugary treats. Exercise is fine but not to the point of exhaustion.
Exercise is to build up your muscles and cardiovascular system. It will eliminate excess fat. But at your weight you are attempting to take normal muscle off.

If you are 13 and weigh 51 pounds then you need to gain weight, i am 11 and weigh 120 and i am 5'5'' and that is just perfect. and if you did want to lose weight forget the chocalate in the milk and have a banana, and go for a 5 mile run everyday.

If you are 13 and way 51 pounds then you shouldn't have to lose weight at all if anything you need to gain a few.

dont eat a lot of food with high carbohydrates.

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