What do they serve at a Japanese steakhouse?!

Question: What do they serve at a Japanese steakhouse?
Im going to one with my family today but Ive never been to one....what do they serve? Do yoou like them? Japanese food only??? I think its one in Pennsylvania.....


Love it all
sashimi(raw fish & seafood rolled in seaweed sticky rice etc.))
sushi (cooked seafood rolled etc)
they will have huge hibachi tables that everyone(strangers to if you don't reserve it) sits around, YOu all put in your order and the chef cooks it right in front of you with a little flare for entertainment.
Or order from the menu soups, fried shrimp lots of stuff!!!

Pictures sashimi n sushi
Big grill

kobe beef?
I bet you the big difference will be the seasoning. ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce,
You'll find tofu here and there, you'll find miso to taste, etc etc.
dont be afraid!!
It's good!
I'm japanese. :-)

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