South African recipes and clothing!? Help appreciated!?!

Question: South African recipes and clothing!? Help appreciated!?
I'm doing a geography report on South Africa and need some help getting a doable recipe >.<
I looked up and found several, but all seemed pretty difficult... I am not unwilling to work hard at it, but I need something doable, ya know? XD
Also, we can get extra credit if we dress up a bit like natives, but the traditional clothes look very complicated... :( any easier ideas or things I could do to make something myself?


You could make a "koeksister". It is a traditional South African treat made by the Afrikaners.

Here is a link to a recipe:…

Most of the black people (Xhosa, Zulu) eat "mielie pap". It is basically the only thing they eat. They usually eat it with a traditional sosage called "boerewors". When eaten together we call it "tik"…

"Braai" (BBQ) is a south African speciality. Grilling meat like stakes and sosages on coal. Most of us do it like once a week.

As for the clothes, i think Xhosa dresses would be the easiest.…

I am an Afrikaner from South Africa.

You can email me if you want to ask something.

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