Is pineapple and olive on a pizza a classic?!

Question: Is pineapple and olive on a pizza a classic?
my girlfriend and I are having an argument about my pizza choice, I have always for as long as I can remember have had pineapple on my pizza, and it was usually accompanied by olive, this to me seems like it has always been a normal thing, but she contests and says that it is weird, what do you think, so to settle the argument, I am gathering votes, pineapple and olive = classic or = odd



depends on how and what you consider classic.
Something that is classic is generally wide spread, enormously popular during its time and seems to stand the test of time, meaning it is STILL popular long after other things come along to replace it.
To me, pepperoni pizza is a classic. To you, it obviously is pineapple and olives.
To an Italian, tomato, fresh basil and olive oil is probably classic which is what original pizza was before it ever morphed into what we eat and call pizza today.
Food and what we have as favorites is a personal thing and almost impossible to argue about because of that.
What is nasty to you is a gourmet meal to someone else.

definitely odd. Pineapple should never be put anywhere near a pizza. Think about what was available in Italy, originally! Everything else the Americans invented to put on pizza, and wrecked it!

Neither of those ingredients sounds appetizing.

Odd. I can honestly say that I've never heard of that combination before!
It sounds like it might be worth a try though next time I order pizza I'm going to get olive and pineapple and try

After making Pizza for 15 yrs, no this is not a classic. They only have been doing these types for the last 15-20 yrs.

Not sure but its very good to eat

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