What do you call the pasta that is in spaghetti?!

Question: What do you call the pasta that is in spaghetti?
Is it still spaghetti if it does not have the sauce on it?


Spaghetti is spaghetti, whether it's raw, cooked, deep fried, with sauce, without sauce, on the floor, in the tub, with butter, etc.

Spaghetti is not spaghetti when it is linguine, fettuccine, angel hair, udon, fusilli, bucatini, vermicelli, etc.

The word "pasta" in Italian means just the product of durum wheat flower and water! It can be produced in many different shapes; long: like "spaghetti", "vermicelli", "linguine", "spaghettini"; long and large "tagliatelle", "mafalde" "pappardelle";
long with holes: Mezzani, ziti;
short: "tubetti","mezze maniche", ditali", "rigatoni", "paccheri", "eliche";
small: "semi", ""gramigna", "risoni", conchiglie, stelline, tubettini,Etc.
These are only a few names of a large variety od types of pasta.
Generally all of them can be prepared with a tomato sauce or simply with butter and parmiggiano cheese; Spaghetti in Naples are normally eaten with a very simple sauce made with olive oil, garlic and crashed tomatoes with some leaves of basil on it. But you may serve spaghetti with mussels, or clams, with carbonara or "bolognese" sauce. if you like vegetables you may add broccoli, or cauliflowers, or beans, or lentils...and so on ; my mother used to cook a new recipe every day of the year, using all the products of the season.

Spaghetti. Yes.
Sometimes angel hair or linguine is used.

yeah the past is spaghettia and the sauce is bolognaze

Yes, it is spaghetti noodles.



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