low salt foods and products?!

Question: Low salt foods and products?
Could anyone advise me which is a good low salt or no added salt margarine?
also could do with list of low salt products to reduce blood pressure, is their a website? I would be grateful for any suggestions, thanks


low salt products
anything that does not come processed or packaged

real meats from the meat section of your grocer
real fruits and vegetables from the produce department

learn to cook "real" food.. that way you dont have to add salt.. you can use flavorings like spices, herbs, vinegars to flavor foods..

Most supermarkets carry Salt substitutes for cooking and just seasoning at the table. Good substitutes that add flavor to recipes are Lemon juice-preferably fresh, vinegars-like wine, champagne, aged balsamic etc. Many food products sold in super markets no longer contain salt or contain less salt, such as ketchup, canned and frozen vegetable and many others. Check with your doctor regarding your allowable daily intake of salt, then start checking Labels on the food products you buy for salt or sodium grams per serving. The best way to avoid salt is to cook your own meals using fresh ingredients.

You will have to check ingredients. I know most soups are extremely high in sodium. Terri Jo Lorz

Terri Jo Lorz

Flora pro active is good for you're heart :) i also like shredded wheat cereal because it has no added salt or sugar xx

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