Do you think mexican food is the best?!

Question: Do you think mexican food is the best?
Talking about types of food like: italian, chinese, greek, french, american, mexican... I've tasted all this ones and I think mexican food is the best because it has too many different ways to cook a main ingredient! So, even almost everything is spicy I love it! What do you think?
BTW, I'm talking real mexican food, not Taco Bell =/


Maybe. I eat Mexican virtually every day of the week. (The man of the house is Mexican and loves to cook.) Rarely does that include beans or rice, for those of you who think there is little variety in Mexican food. I always have at least 8 types of peppers on hand. My local grocery store carries a wide variety of Mexican fruits and vegetables beyond the usual American stuff so that certainly makes it easier: chayote, tomatillos, huazontle, papayas, jicama, nopales, etc. EVERY part of the animal is used in preparing a wide variety of dishes. Most of it I like, some not so much. No, Taco Bell is nothing like Mexican food. Is Mexican the best? Depends on your tastes I suppose. At the very least, it is certainly very diverse, more so than some smaller countries with shorter and colder growing seasons, such as England.

To answer your question simply, no, in fact I personally find Mexican food to be one of least versatile and boring cuisines after having tried many different types of food. To me, Mexican food is just as 'bad' as American food. I think the main reason why you love Mexican food is because, as you said, it's spicy. I also think that the Italian, Chinese, French cuisine you've experienced so far are all Americanized and limited so you don't know what they are really like.

It depends on the type of mexican food you are talking about. I've only eaten in one mexican restaurant that I could call really great and the food was nothing like I get in most places. If all mexican restaurants served food similar to Eduardo De San Angel's in Ft Lauderdale, I'd agree with you. But, Tacos, Tequitos, Tortillas, Quesadillas etc. are pretty much the same with similar fillings no matter where I eat them. I find Italian food to much more versatile.

I think that it's hard to say yes or no to this type of question because a lot of people have not tried authentic foods...i haven't tried real authentic mexican food but i'm sure i would LOVE it...i have only tried what the british call mexican haha although i have tried authentic greek food etc and i have to say i love greek food :) i'll look up some real authentic mexican dishes online and see how that goes!! :)

I think all foods are the best, it depends on your taste and reference. Personally, i do like Mexican foods, and no, it's not Taco Bell.

I love enchiladas - but I also love orange chicken and pad thai - I love it all. Terri Jo Lorz

Terri Jo Lorz

I Love Mexican Food, Especially Nachos, Enchiladas and Tacos I love going to Nandos but i actually Prefere Japanese food and Thai

Personally I love Mexican food and I cook a lot of it very well. My one thing that I have not mastered yet is "making tamales" like my Mom used to make.

I like Chinese, but a good Italian Chicken Alfredo is always good.

I have never realky tried it :\ i would like too though. Tapas is good. thats spanish though

yes , mexican food is the best

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