Do you favor chicken curry over beef curry or not.?!

Question: Do you favor chicken curry over beef curry or not.?

Chicken curry because thats what i had last night with noodles and chips and crispy chicken balls. ahh yes.

Well considering that beef curry is mostly a British invention, I would say chicken BUT they can make curries that go well to suit beef. I prefair venison to beef, it also depends what mood I am in at the minute I would say Venison lol

there are hundreds of dishes that could be described as chicken curry, but only a handful of beef ones, because most of the 'beef' in India is really buffalo.

40 years of cooking Indian food.

Varies on my mood!! i love proper Indian chicken curry (as made by my daughters mom in law) but I also rather like a chinese beef curry!!

It does depend on my mood, but i think that chicken curries better than beef.

I think beef stands up better to the strong flavors of curry, so for me I prefer beef.

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