What is your favorite food (dish) and dessert both spicy, and sweet?!

Question: What is your favorite food (dish) and dessert both spicy, and sweet?
Mine are seafood, Alfredo, clams, pizza, mushrooms, sauteed onions, philly steak and anything dark chocolate. I am fasting today sunrise to sunset and I am getting hungry, won't eat until 10:00 pm.


meatloaf and mashed potatos (I make my meatloaf with 50/50 hamburger/spicy sausage) and I use a bottle of tiger sauce instead of ketchup. VERY SPICY!!
I like anything chocolate. My favorite would have to be gooey chewey brownies and ice cream.

Spicy Crab Roll at Shogun Sushi in Saugus California. So yummy!

Favourite food roasted duck rice. Fave dessert will be honeydew ''sai mai lo''.

orange chicken with chow mein...or anything with shrimp..
and bunuelos or churros

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