What do Japanese people eat daily?!

Question: What do Japanese people eat daily?
Ive seen on a website that Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world. So I want to know, what do people in Japan eat most commonly. I want to know from people that actually know dont just guess.


A typical Japanese meal consists of rice, soup, a main dish and two or more side dishes. The dishes are served in individual small bowls or on plates and eaten with chopsticks. Soup is served together with all the other dishes rather than as a starter as in Western-style dining. Desserts are sometimes served, but usually just consist of some fruit, which is eaten after the meal. Green Tea is usually drunk throughout the meal, but deer and sake are also enjoyed together with the meal.

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The key to the healthy nature of the Japanese diet and the highest life expectancy in the world is a group of Super Foods. These Super Foods consist of Tofu, Miso, Nori (seaweed), natto (fermented soy beans) and green tea.

You can read all about it here http://japan-australia.blogspot.com/2011…

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Our staple food is of course rice. It always goes with the soup of "miso" or "soy source" and vegetable pickles or boiled green vegetable and also fish, meat and eggs as side dishes.
We are encouraged to take as varied ingredients as possible and they say we should eat if possible 30 different kinds of ingredients daily to maintain healthy diet.
Of course, younger generation is much more likely to consume western foods containing much fat or oil.

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One of the other reason that Japanese people are often a lot more healthy and live such long lives is do with their eating habits as well as the actual food. All Japanese people are familiar with an eating ideal called "Hara Hachibunme".
This means to only eat until you are 80% full before stopping. Once you have given your body time to catch up with the mind, you will realise that you do not need to eat so much to be satisfied.

If you are looking for a bit more information on hara habchibunme and details and recipes for the 4 Japanese super healthy foods of Tofu, Shirataki Noodles, Wakame Seaweed and Miso, have a look at this blog post about Japanese diets:

For breakfast they consume miso soup, gohan (rice), nori (dried seaweed), pickles, and green tea.
Lunch is usually simple and consists of noodles (udon or soba).
Dinner might consist of rice, a main dish of fish or meat, a side dish of vegetables, miso soup, and pickled vegetables.

We eat a lot of things ;) we eat rice (whole grains), we eat ramen and udon noodles (has some sort of nutritional value), and some people drink a cup of red wine every day, which is actually proved to extend your lifetime! :O

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