i am rather large. people call me a lard heifer.?!

Question: I am rather large. people call me a lard heifer.?
How can i be less of a sea cow?


I say you stay fat. It attracts all of the guys and they'll love you for it. In fact, get as fat as you possibly can.

Silly thing, a cow would drown out at sea.

But seriously, you need to stop hanging out at the school playground. I have not heard that insult since like, 5th grade.

And if you personally do not like drawing comparisons between yourself and a certain Wierd Al song, then you can easily take control of yourself and find a solution to the problem that you have created.

Please, I know it is hard but pay no attention to what they say. There is no excuse for being mean to anyone. They are not worth your time.
That said, if you decide to lose weight, try to start a walking program and eat more fruit and vegies. Then as your body becomes more tuned up then you can do other exercises.
I'm sorry you are being called names. I was alway small when I was young and my very best friends were a lot larger than me. But they were so much nicer than the most popular kids. So be as nice and as kind as possible and ignore the rude people who pass through your life.

You are what you believe!! If you want to be less of a sea cow then think less like a sea cow.

if you got it flaunt it! GET IT GURRRRRLLLLLLLLLLL!

embrase your flaws....for they are beautiful...!


@ A.A. a sea cow is an underwater mammal, prick

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