How should I name my Mediterranean/Turkish Restaurant?!

Question: How should I name my Mediterranean/Turkish Restaurant?
I will be serving kebabs, gyros/shawarma or doner kebabs, chichken/beef/lamb sish kebabs etc. This will be a counter service restaurant. No reservation needed. Restaurant type can be named Fast Food or Fast Casual. It is not fine dining. I hope you get the idea. Probably lunch will be busier than dinner. The location will be in the U.S. California / San Francisco...!

Help me with the name, please?


Buds of Istanbul
Mint of the Orient
Buds of Anatolia
Basil of the Mediterranean
the Olive tree
Anatolian Pergola
Copper Sun
Copper Plate
Copper Pan
Parsley and Pepper
Eastern Sun
Flying Carpet
Galata ( )
Adana ( A city in Turkey famous for its Kebabs)
Urfa ( Another city in Turkey famous for its Kebabs)
Lokma ( )
Pide ( OR Pita- Turkish Pide is a form of Pita)
Lavas(h) ( )
Isot ( )
S(h)algam ( )

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I'm Turkish

I looove turkish food!!

If you're looking for a "marketing" oriented name that will trigger people's already preconceived positive notions, you could use the words Falafel, Hummus, or Shawarma in the name. Some ideas are:

Shawarma Queen
Shawarma King (I know there is one already in SF)
King of Shawarma
Shawarma Cafe
Shawarma Hut
Istanbul Shawarma
Istanbul Falafel
Istanbul Nights
Istanbul Gourmets

I hope this helps

I know you're not really fishing out for your restaurant's name here so our answers might be insignificant to you. You'll be the one who's going to decide anyway. But I suggest you to go on researching about Mediterranean food and pick a name that's catchy and easy to pronounce.

Try Kebab Land. :) Jk. It's up to you. Whatever you want. :)

How about 'Akdeniz'? It means "White Sea" and is the Turkish name for the Mediterranean.

Paul Theroux's excellent travel book "The Pillars of Hercules" (1995)

I'd suggest "Marmaris", "Bardak" or "Pasha Kebab"

The Turk Chef, Chicken Palace, Chicken wings, Restopub


kebabs R us

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