What is the difference between parsley, cilantro & coriander ?!

Question: What is the difference between parsley, cilantro & coriander ?

First of all Cilantro and Corriander are the same herb, Cilantro is common name for it in US and Coriander in Asia / EU.

Parsley comes in two varieties , Curly and Flat leaf. Flat leaf Parsley looks a lot like Coriander except the leaves are more pointed as opposed to the rounded leaves on corriander.

The Smell is very different between the two herbs as well with corriander having a more perfumed smell than parsley.

Corriander would be predominantly used in Asian cooking (Thai, Indian etc) but both are use in a very similar way seasoning and a garnish!

Hope this helps.

Parsley has a sharper flavor then cilantro. Coriander is usually refer to the seed of cilantro.


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