do non asians love pho noodle soup?!

Question: Do non asians love pho noodle soup?

I don't like pho that much.
My favorite is hu tieu. Don't understand why white people love pho so much. There are so many other awesome and delicious Vietnamese noodle soup besides pho.

I am Vietnamese.

I first had it when working in Toronto Canada as chefs apprentice in 1978, we had 3 around the school I was attending back then, when I worked in Singapore, I went on my week off one time to Vietnam, and had it there too, it was basically the same but there were a few different ingredient I had not seen for the garnishes before, now they are available here in Canada, this was an influence from the French in the stock and method of adding uncooked meat and finishing it with the hot broth to keep it tender.

It's a brilliant dish, and one my Anglo-Celtic family and I enjoy immensely.

Sydney has a good many Vietnamese restaurants, each with its own version of this iconic dish.

No. White people only like hot dogs and burgers. Of course non Asians like pho. I'm sure there's asians that don't like it too, or haven't even ate it before.


OMG YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course! It is so good!

yes, that is my favourite soup

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