italian dinner - need clarification?!

Question: Italian dinner - need clarification?
although i love italian food and cook usually, i'm not sure if the following are a good combination and i'm looking mainly for a salad.

so here's what i have:
appetiser: figs with goat cheese and basil, wrapped in pancetta
main: chicken stuffed with mozzarella, peppers, olives and capers with
mushrooms filled with fennel, tomato and cheese
desert: chocolate zabaglione or limoncello tiramisu

what do you think about these? i also need a salad and a wine. if i make a cocktail (i'm thinking vodka-limoncello with rosemary) when do i serve it?

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Salad: shaved fennel with shaved red onion, toasted pine nuts, raisins, sweet gorgonzola, with a honey-balsamic vinaigrette
Serve the cocktail as an aperitif at the beginning.
Refrain from the obvious choice of white wine with the meal. Your flavors are bold enough to stand up to a red. like a chianti classico or a barbarello.
If you'd like, you can serve a prosecco with the salad at the end, maybe even bellinis.
Your menus sounds AWESOME, by the way!

I suggest you a simple sallad with radicchio and rucola.
Sprinkle very fine parmesan cheese shavings on it.
Pour on balsamic vinegar, toss well, then pour on extra virgin olive oil.

As for the cocktail, you can make a lemoncello drink to serve as an 'aperitivo' before meal.
Here are some nice recipes:

Ciao e buona cena!

my Italian taste

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