Does anyone if you can eat a WHOLE frog as opposed to just the legs?!

Question: Does anyone if you can eat a WHOLE frog as opposed to just the legs?
I just purchased a frog from an Asian market. They killed, gutted and skinned it right there, so its totally fresh! This would be my first time ever cooking and eating frog. I am very excited. Since I have the whole thing an not just the legs I was thinking about cooking the whole thing. Is that possible? I know it 'Normally' frog legs.. right. But if I choose .. can I safely cook and eat the whole thing?


Yes you can safely cook and eat the whole thing, just like any other types of seafood, bird etc. although there is much more meat in the legs. If you and your family is not used to slurping around the little parts for meat, you could use them for stock instead, it's just as good as chicken.

I think I saw a Filipino episode of "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" on the Travel where there was frog.…

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