What is the Difference between Chinese and Japanese Food?!

Question: What is the Difference between Chinese and Japanese Food?
I know that there similar, but I was wondering:

What is the difference? Like, in how there prepared, ingredients used, and the style of the food?



This my personal perception of the difference between Chinese and Japanese food.
Chinese food tends to consist of much more meat (mainly pork) and fat and oil than Japanese food, while Japanese food is made with much more vegetables and fish using far less fat and oil than the former.

that's like asking Mexican and south western Japanese food most of the time lots if fish and veggies. Chinese depend on where you are at mostly more spicy, but more pork and chicken and beef depending on where you are in china more you leave the coast less likely that fish would be in involved.

chinese is kung fu japanese is karate

Chinese is better

the place they made in

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