Is Planters flavor grove skinless almonds processed?!

Question: Is Planters flavor grove skinless almonds processed?
I looked at the ingrredients, and didn't see anything unusual except for sea salt. This is what the ingredients read: Almonds, vegetable oil (peanut, cottonseed and olive), sea salt.

The outside the ingredients lettering it says "Manufactured on equipment that processes peanut, other tree nuts", which got me to believed that this was processed.

If it is, what section of a grocery store would sell real nuts at?


All foods are processed one way or another.
In this case all of what you mention and other things you don' even consider are part of the process, whether it is the way they are picked, right through the system until they are in the package.
They could be in different sections for the way they are packet. For Almonds you might find them in the bulk bins, processed as shelled or unshelled. Packet up to be sold for baking recipes or with the snack foods with the salted peanuts.


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