What makes a food kosher? what are examples of kosher food?!

Question: What makes a food kosher? what are examples of kosher food?
I've heard the term kosher, and I truly have no idea what it means. Can someone teach me about kosher. Thanks


Kosher is the dietary laws of the Jewish people, a list of allowable products that can be eaten and used. There is a lot of information online but here is a recap
Jews (like Muslims) are not allowed to eat pork. The only meat they can eat is poultry, red meat must come from an animal that chews it's cud and has a split hoof (cows, lamb) but not animals such as horse. And only meat taken from between the 3 and 13th ribs.
They can eat fish that have scales and gills, can not eat crustaceans (lobster, shrimp) as they are considered garbage eaters of the sea
Kosher meat is not allowed to have veins and is soaked in salt water to draw out any blood.
Jews can not have meat and milk products at the same meal.
All products certified Kosher are free of all non kosher products. Kosher meats are slaughtered in their own slaughter houses and can not be processed in the same facility as non kosher food (this applies to all kosher food)
There is then "Kosher for Passover" which do not include any bread or leavening products.


The slaughter of animals is done in a manner that is supposedly more humane than other types of slaughter and presided over by a Rabbi. All kosher food prepared in commercial kitchen and/or slaughter houses is presided over by a Rabbi and all kosher foods must have a Kosher seal on them. The seal or stamp could be a K or U in circle. A K or U with D means Kosher Dairy. If the K or U is followed by P meaning Pareve then the product is neither meat nor dairy. There a few other symbols also. Religious Jews do not eat pork or meat from any Animal that pushes it's food, do not eat shell fish or fish without a back bone and do not eat dairy (milk products) with meat. Meat and Dairy products cannot be prepared in the same commercial kitchen or at least everything must be kept separate meaning two stove, two sinks etc. Sorry there are many laws and rules applying to Kosher food and Kosher dietary laws. You can check "sources" below for a more thorough explanation.


kosher meat the animal is thanked in god's name and for giving it's life so people of the people jewish faith can eat it. It's throat is slit and all the blood must be drained out of it's body.

none animal food must be prepared in a kitchen that was cleaned watched over by a Rabi then blessed. nothing else maybe made in the kitchen till the kosher food is done. if some thing was made after that. it has to be cleaned and blessed all over again.

not Jewish but worked a place that a a kosher kitchen if we needed it. and had to use it once and a while so i found out things here and there

"Kosher" is a general term used to describe certain acceptable foods, as well as their preparation, according to Jewish dietary laws.

This is not the proper forum to address for religious information
start here and expand your mind


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