Mexican Food Question: Going with my friend to mexican restaurant and am not familiar with the food.?!

Question: Mexican Food Question: Going with my friend to mexican restaurant and am not familiar with the food.?
My favorite things would be salad stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, cheese, sour cream
and I prefer hamburger ro chicken? Please help me to know what to order? Thanks


They may have a taco salad. It comes in a big edible shell. You can choose which type of meat you prefer, or no meat at all.

Tacos and burritos are usually safe. It really depends on the restaurant what might be good and what would not, and how authentic it would be.

If the menu is in Spanish, take a look at this:

Enjoy. Mexican food is delicious.

Hey Sunshine,

If the restaurant has them, order the Chile chiles roasted and peeled, stuffed with cheese and then dipped in an egg-white batter and deep fat fried so the cheese melts...then typically topped with some salsa or cheese, um...

Hamburger? Order tacos.

A burrito sounds good too...filled with either hamburg or refried beans and including black olives, cheese and sour cream... I'm hungry!


Maybe a beef gordita? they're really good and usually are filled with meat lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, probably sour cream, but idk about black olives.

If you like hamburger, I would suggest tacos with ground beef. If you like steak, steak fajitas are very good.Both are served with lettuce tomatoes, cheese, sour cream etc.

Then get a tacos, soft or hard shell with chciken or beef. Pretty simple.

Or a taco salad, but since you are going out why not try something new?

Taco Salad

Sounds like mexican food is right up your alley. You'll probably like alot of things on the menu.


Beef taco salad..

Ask for a taco salad.

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