How Should I Handle This?!

Question: How Should I Handle This?
Okay, I made plans to go and see my dying grandfather for what is probably the last time, ever. I needed someone to take care of my boss' horses so I could go (she is burying her father the same weekend). The job takes 45 min in the morning and 1 hour 30 min in the afternoon. I asked my friend, who is 22, yeah, we're in college, if she could possibly do it. She says "yeah, of course, just tell me what to do!"

A week later she's like, "sooo, I have a play I have to work (she's a drama major), and I don't want to be late. Can you ask so and so?" And at the end of her message, like she didn't just screw me over, she starts asking how the horse show went this past weekend. I feel like she doesn't even care.

The play starts at 6. I told her she could feed as early as 2. She's worried there will be an emergency and then she'll get held up. Now I can't find anyone to help, and I TOLD my boss I had it covered, so now I have to stay home.

She's done similar things before (showing up late, springing things on me last minute and getting angry if I can't go), and really just has zero work ethic, I've discovered this past year; and honestly I'm starting to wonder if I need to move on from our friendship, but I don't want to because she's really the only good friend I have. But she makes me so miserable sometimes. What would you do?


hmm, dilemma...

however, you need to way up both sides of it - ie on one hand a horse on an empty stomach for just a few hours of it's entire life,

on the other hand a man who is almost at the end of his life,

so considering that, is there anybody such as a family friend or one of your other friends or even just someone you associate with ie at universiy?

your boss has to understand the situation you are in, especially considering her similar situation with her father,

so if worst comes to worst and you can't find anybody, can't the horses just go hungry for a few hours as a one off,

surely they will survive with some water and a bit of stale food, no?

ah, well, in regards to the situation with your friend,

it depends - how log have you known each other, have you had good times/experiences with each other,

i mean, it depends whether it would benefit you both better to move your seperate ways,

you've had your time together, and now you need to be apart to try and go and experience life as a fresh start, doing your own things, rather than having to rely on someone dor something most of the time,

both of you need to focus on yourselves more for some period of time, then after you have experienced and life in your own ways established how you both as individuals fit into this life, then you can maybe think about meeting up at some point again when the time seems right for both of you

Well, the way I see it, you have to see your grandfather before he passes and the horses need to be fed. And your friend sounds like a flake. You need a new friend and someone to feed the horses for you that weekend. I'm sure there are plenty of people you could ask.

Please don't stay. You will lose a chance to say things you never have said before, and strongly regret it long after. Horses can survive long periods of time without being fed, or you could just pay someone that you know. Any amount of money is worth seeing a dying family member.

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