going to psychologist?!

Question: Going to psychologist?
I have ben a drug user for about 4 years for self medicate purposes. I am not physically addictive because i use a technique called drug cycling. I am however psychologically addicted because of not having social anxiety. An example of my drug abusing is 3 weeks of dxm, 2weeks of vicodin, 4 weeks of adderall, 6 weeks of weed, 3 weeks of xanax or valium. then i repeat. If i tell a doctor this would they prescribe me a benzo to stop panic attacks or not give anything because im a drug user. should a lie and say i don't use or tell him the truth.

And you will probably say that the reason you have bad anxiety is because of drugs but I did drugs because of anxiety.


If you have a problem that you want resolved whats the point in lying? Tell the truth, of course they can prescribe them. The won't send you away without help. You've tried your own methods, they didnt work, the doctor will see that and has the best medical advice to deal with the problem which is right by what you said- benzos. most likely. Don't worry about it, and I'm glad you're sorting it out. Also if you're seeing a psychologist don't lieabout anything. I've been through that, the only way they can help is if you say everything you're feeling even if it makes you feel bad about yourself, they're not discriminative and just treat you like everyone else because you've realised the problem is a problem.

Good Luck x

tell him that benzos really helped you but you couldnt afford it and want to be legal. My doc did it for me

Be honest. Both Adderall and weed INCREASE anxiety.......

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