Would you consider yourself to be a lady/gentleman?!

Question: Would you consider yourself to be a lady/gentleman?
If yes, why?
If no, why not?
Thanks! xD

(something something gender equal patriarchal chauvinist feminists and the the oppression of femininity)


I'm not so much of a lady. I'm more of a foul-mouthed whore.

Hi Stef. Well i have to decern what were talking about. I think the word when broken down is gentile man and it that sence no I am not a gentile which means a christian man. But as far as being gentle, polite and nice. I am not always but my goal is always to be nice even when someone pisses me off. 20 years of al-anon has embedded in my brain that the cause of my anger is that i think i can change someones thinking or educate stupid people. I turn to that alot more easily than i used to.I I will obcess on the women in the store who treated me as a lowlife shoplifter and how i am going to tell her off, but my best advice to myself is to take no action and that I am the only one that i can change. It is just not a phrase anymore but personal handcuffs or a sign that says hands off. I dont like getting mad it costs me too much serenity and i am thankfull i dont feel it anywhere near what i used to.


"Gentleman" sounds a little Victorian to me, and I wouldn't necessarily use the term to describe myself, but I have been called a "gentleman".

I respect others. I maintain a degree of understated chivalry, PC or not. I generally try to choose my words carefully, as not to offend. (Y!A doesn't count ;))

I don't know. Does that make me a gentleman?

i think i'm neither.....i'm somewhere in the middle (i'm a woman),.....i think this way because depending on situations I have to adjust my behavior to being a sweet and proper lady, but at times that goes out the window and the hek with it or otherwise people will take advandtage of me....i think is important to know how to maintain that balance :-)

Well, I'm a female, but I don't think I'm necessarily a lady. To me, lady means very proper, crosses her legs at the ankles, doesn't ever swear, stuff like that. I am feminine, so I guess I'm a "lady". It just sounds too 'high up' to be me, and I'm quite human.

Yes I am feminine but not overly I still wear hoodies and jeans but I also wear dresses =)

Yes because I have my walking cane here at my side.

Oh wait that just makes me an Englishman, right? close enough


I didn't understand a word of what was in the brackets but I'm not really either, I'm sorta inbetween, I don't really act gentlemanny or lady-like.....

depends who Im talking to..at work and random strangers..-Im a true lady..with friends, family, and my husband- not so much.

I CAN be a lady if the occasion calls for it, but other than that, no I am not a lady at all.

A lady.

Proper as can be.



If yes, why?
I'm very suave.

I am not a gentleman because I don`t know how to behave. I don`t know what I am really. Maybe a bit lost?

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