I think I have 'Multiple Orgin Disorder'?!

Question: I think I have 'Multiple Orgin Disorder'?
Meaning, one minute I want to be a doctor and move to NYC and make lots of money livin' the high life. Another side of me wants to move down to a very rural area and live a country livestyle. Why do I feel this way. There really is no way to have both. Sometimes I want one life, other times I want the other.


I believe the disorder was a metaphor...

I think it's quite simple really... I seriously think that many people go through the rich - free crisis.

The doctor fantasy is your desire to compete, to express yourself as a quality human being. You probably feel you're not living up to your potential, but the problem is that you'd want to be this, because others expect it from you.

The countryside dream is your desire to escape the harsh and competitive reality. To find peace and freedom and being yourself, without worries, or expectations, "performance anxieties" and feelings of being inferior, or "not good enough".

I guess today's hectic life demands make us all feel a bit anxious and unsure of ourselves, sometime even depersonalized by the pressure of meeting other's standards...

Try to chill out, enjoy life. Do what you have to do, but best you find a job that really is a passion. Working for money and not for passion may be a sadder and more empty life, than pursuing your dreams on a tight budget.

No such thing as "Multiple Origin Disorder" or "Multiple Orgin Disorder".

You're just young and not really sure WHERE you want to end up in life.

You can still be a doctor and live the high-life in a rural area with a country lifestyle, they need doctors there too you know.

Why not decide when you're studying, try and study at a City University like NYC while being a doctor, see if you like the busy life style. Obviously as a junior doctor you won't get paid as much as you think until you're qualified.

What makes you think you can't have it both ways? Maybe not at the same time, but lots of people divide their time between homes or they change their lifestyles mid-career or after retirement. This is not a disorder, this is something to celebrate!

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